Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emacs patches to build on Snow Leopard

I've been tinkering with the Emacs 23.1 code lately, trying to get it to compile on Snow Leopard, and get --daemon mode working on Mac OS X as well. I'm posting my patches to github as I work on it. I'm a bit of a git noob, so I'm not certain how (or even if) I could make a public repo on github of my branch, containing just my branch changes, and derive from git:// for the bulk of the data. That would be ideal, rather than maintaining a repo of patches. Also, even though the patch does get Emacs to compile, there are some obvious issues with it, so it's not ready for production use. First, font heights are not being calculated correctly. Second, there's very obvious lag when first starting up the window, which I must have added (as the 32 bit 23.1 binary doesn't have that problem).


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I've posted a patch to the Emacs devel list that's working for me over the last couple weeks.

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