Friday, February 12, 2010

More praise for git at Eclipse

Yesterday, @iamkevb tweeted: #SWT needs help with a carbon bug on 10.6. If you have time and hardware, attach patches to I happened to have the hardware to test it, so I downloaded a few carbon builds, and succeeded in reproducing the error using the steps posted to bugzilla. Luckily, I found that the latest 3.6 integration build didn't exhibit the same error. Now, I'm no carbon programmer, so I just posted my results as a comment, hoping that someone who knew more about SWT would be able to deduce what changed between 3.5.2RC3 and the latest in the 3.6 integration build. Today, Silenio Quarti posted that he believed the error was fixed as a result of bug #275686. Now, this is where it git comes in. I only had about 30 minutes before I had to be out the door, but I figured that would be plenty of time to whether Silenio was correct. I headed over to to find out the URL for the jface.text project (turned out bug 275686 was a jface change, and didn't even touch the Carbon bindings specifically).
$ git clone git://
 [.. snip ..]
$ cd org.eclipse.jface.text
$ git log --grep='275686'
commit a7d0c902cae6382be0b0812a773f651f75a801d8
Author: mkeller 
Date:   Thu Oct 8 19:22:34 2009 +0000

    Bug 275686: [painting] Rulers should not draw outside of SWT.Paint
$ git checkout -b b294929 origin/R3_5_maintenance
$ git cherry-pick a7d0c902c
Finished one cherry-pick.
# On branch b294929
# Your branch is ahead of 'origin/R3_5_maintenance' by 1 commit.
Then I opened my 3.5.2RC3 carbon build of eclipse, imported the org.eclipse.jface.text project, and File->Export->Deployable plug-ins and fragments. Choose Install into host, and restart the workbench. Voila, Silenio was correct and that commit solved the issue. All told, the above took about 10 minutes, and left enough time for me to sing the praises of git usage at Eclipse in this blog post before I had to be out the door.