Friday, December 21, 2007

SXCE b78, and the Radeon DRI snapshot

This morning I did a live upgrade to SXCE b78, but unfortunately ran into some issues. When booting the system, I got the error: WARNING: consconfig: no screen found Can't find driver for console framebuffer I did compares of /etc/driver_aliases on both BEs, and checked for differences under the /kernel tree. I did find one file, /kernel/misc/drm~11 that certainly looked suspicious. I tried moving that file into it's proper place, /kernel/misc/drm, but still the new b78 BE would not boot. After digging a little further in to the install script, I found another path /platform that contained some x86-specific drivers (likely obvious to all you long-time Solaris admins). Again, I found a file /platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/consconfig_dacf~11. After finding two files like this with the same extension, I decided to do a simple: find $newBE -name '*~11' > /tmp/filelist.txt This turned up quite a few files. Doing a quick search for relevant files, I came up with the following list:
  • /kernel/misc/drm
  • /platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/consconfig_dacf
  • /usr/X11/lib/X11/xserver/
  • /usr/X11/lib/modules/drivers/
  • /usr/X11/lib/modules/drivers/
  • /usr/X11/lib/modules/drivers/
  • /usr/X11/lib/modules/extensions/
After moving all of these files from their *~11 variant to the path listed, I can now boot into b78. Unfortunately, I must not have done everything right, because the display no longer has direct rendering enabled, but I'm sure I can fix that soon enough. At least I've got the system booting again. I've found myself in this position more often than I'd care to admit.

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